Short indie drama based on a real story.

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Losing hope under the pressure of pursuing a creative dream in New York City, Belarusian emigrant Anna takes desperate measures - all while sugar-coating stories of her life to impress her grandmother back home.

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Fun facts:

"Soyka" was a green set:
we recycled and used reusable bottles.
You can make a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE
donation and receive a unique postcard, featuring artwork from the famous Belarusian illustrator Yulia Ruditskaya
Plant a Tree Certificate.

Info Partners

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ZEN Wear - most popular street wear fashion brand in Belarus. I am glad that you're going to wear their t-shirt with logo of my film because ZEN Wear is:

- Designer clothes
- Minimalism
- Natural materials
- Very high quality tailoring
- Lifetime clothing warranty
- Philosophy


therapy. - natural bath products made with love for your body and soul.


Belarusians USA society - incredible informational support!


PAGONYA - Belarusian-american association. Informational support.


Belarusian Enlightenment League Of America (BELA) - informational and donors support.

Американский дневник/Dnevnik BelarUSA - Youtube chanel about the life of an immigrant from Belarus in US.

Anticlimber - channel about a group of friends who have moved to the United States and work on towers.

Shevchenko studio - with over 7 years of experience in video production, they help capture the most important moments.

The Studio Fine Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

Best Exotic Jewelry - is a family-operated, one-stop shop for your brand jewelry, bags, gifts, and accessories at affordable prices.

AAI Hair Studio, Brooklyn, NY.

Foxy Fitness and Pole Training Studios, move- and choreography-based pole fitness and dance school.

Carmela Calimera - Italian artist.

Броши "ЧИКУЛИ" - BROOCH with your eye color. Shipment anywhere in the world.

Special Thanks

Aleksandr Sangrod

Alex Rasporski

Adam Kostandy

Michael Korosty

Gennady Grezin

Albert Hannov

Virgil Avery

Даша Киноблогер

Марта Кирьянова

Катя Герман

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