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Short indie drama based on a real story.

Post card or Planted Tree 
for every Donation!

"Soyka" is a story started in January 2019. 

In January 2020 film raised $5,505.28 from 166 backers (U.S., Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, United Kingdom, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Greece and New Zealand):

In total, the production budget earned $17,000 with the help of individual backers, events and grants. An additional $5,000 was spent for pre-production. The focus of the pre-production phase included script writing, grant writing, promotions and the work performed by producers.

Film is a fiscally sponsored project of the New-York Foundation for the Arts!

Right now our goal is finish post-production: editing, coloring, digital cinema package, festivals and distribution.

For this I still need $5,000.

"Soyka" was a green set:
we recycled and used reusable bottles.

Short Summary


"Soyka" is a short indie film based on a real story. It shows a day of a young woman from Belarus from morning until late afternoon. The viewer follows her on the way to work, home and dream of having a better life. It is a story about one person, but at the same time about millions of people having a similar experience – difficulties immigrants face, self-realization issues, loneliness, happiness, and hope.

Why this project is important to ME

I’m the best person to tell this story because I’ve wrote it. I’ve had a similar experience, so I can feel the protagonist and understand what she has and another girls/women like she been going through.

Why this project is important to YOU

How I am going to spend

post-production budget


Project still need $5,000

8% ($400) - Handheld Broken Filter

14% ($700) - Coloring

20% ($1000) - Digital Cinema Package

24,4% ($1220) - Editing + Poster

33,6% ($1680) - Festivals + Distribution

Our Partners

ZEN Wear - most popular street wear fashion brand in Belarus. I am glad that you're going to wear their t-shirt with logo of my film because ZEN Wear is:

- Designer clothes
- Minimalism
- Natural materials
- Very high quality tailoring
- Lifetime clothing warranty
- Philosophy


therapy. - natural bath products made with love for your body and soul.


Belarusians USA society - incredible informational support!


PAGONYA - Belarusian-american association. Informational support.


Belarusian Enlightenment League Of America (BELA) - informational and donors support.

Американский дневник/Dnevnik BelarUSA - Youtube chanel about the life of an immigrant from Belarus in US.

Anticlimber - channel about a group of friends who have moved to the United States and work on towers.

Shevchenko studio - with over 7 years of experience in video production, they help capture the most important moments.

The Studio Fine Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

Best Exotic Jewelry - is a family-operated, one-stop shop for your brand jewelry, bags, gifts, and accessories at affordable prices.

AAI Hair Studio, Brooklyn, NY.

Foxy Fitness and Pole Training Studios, move- and choreography-based pole fitness and dance school.

Carmela Calimera - Italian artist.

Броши "ЧИКУЛИ" - BROOCH with your eye color. Shipment anywhere in the world.

Special Thanks

Aleksandr Sangrod

Alex Rasporski

Adam Kostandy

Michael Korosty

Gennady Grezin

Albert Hannov

Virgil Avery

Cooperation proposals:

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