Dream & Smile

Short indie drama-comedy based on a real story.

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for every Donation!

"Dream & Smile" is a story started in January 2019. 

In January 2020 film raised $5,505.28 (40%) from 166 backers (U.S., Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, United Kingdom, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Greece and New Zealand) on Indiegogo platform:

Right now film has 68% of total goal, I still have 3 month obtain the needed funds that will make “Dream & Smile” a reality.

That why if you will like everything what you see and hear, please, donate.

Film is a fiscally sponsored project of the New-York Foundation for the Arts!

Which is mean that any amount or tangible goods (i.e. supplies, materials, property, costumes, food and etc.) donated to my movie through their web-site (or written check on their name) will be tax-deductible!  

Short Summary


"Dream & Smile" is a short indie film based on a real story. It shows a day of a young woman Anna from morning until late afternoon. The viewer follows her on the way to work, home and dream of having a better life. It is a story about one person, but at the same time about millions of people having a similar experience – difficulties immigrants face, self-realization issues, loneliness, happiness, and hope.

Why this project is important to ME

I’m the best person to tell this story because I’ve wrote it. I’ve had a similar experience, so I can feel the protagonist and understand what she has and another girls/women like she been going through.

Why this project is important to YOU


How I am going to spend budget

Here is original budget pie chart. I really hope we can make at least half!

1,9% ($500) - NEW!  Green set (recycling service)

2% ($550) - Transportation (parking, taxis, van)

2,5% ($700) - Script (story, rights)

3,9% ($1200) - Craft Services

4,3% ($1300) - Insurance

5,8% ($1785) - Cast (9 actors)

5,8% ($1785) - Extras

6,3% ($1925) - Producer (budget (pre-production), production)

6,9% ($2100) - Locations

7,2% ($2200) - Post - production (editing, music, coloring)

25,5% ($7800) - Miscellaneous (props, wardrobe supplies, camera & light rentals, hard drive (DIT), contingency) 

28,3% ($8640) - Crew (AD, PA's, Art Director, Costume Designer, HMUA, DP, AC, Grip, Gaffer, Sound)  

Our Partners

ZEN Wear - most popular street wear fashion brand in Belarus. I am glad that you're going to wear their t-shirt with logo of my film because ZEN Wear is:

- Designer clothes
- Minimalism
- Natural materials
- Very high quality tailoring
- Lifetime clothing warranty
- Philosophy


therapy. - natural bath products made with love for your body and soul.


Belarusians USA society - incredible informational support!


PAGONYA - Belarusian-american association. Informational support.


QUIZ PLEASE NY - informational support from intellectual intertaining battle.


The 100-168 West 121 st Street
Resident Block Association, Inc
. - my block support


Belarusian Enlightenment League Of America (BELA) - informational and donors support

Special Thanks

Uladzimir Salahubik

Aleksandsr Sangrod

Nuno Reis

Cooperation proposals:

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