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I am a passionate filmmaker. Here, you will embark on a captivating journey through my world of storytelling, where the power of cinema intertwines with the rich cultural tapestry of my homeland Belarus.

Through the lens of my camera, I aim to shed light on the diverse experiences, untold narratives, and unique perspectives that often go unnoticed in our fast-paced world. As a filmmaker, I am driven by a deep-rooted desire to explore the human condition, challenge societal norms, and provoke thought-provoking conversations.

My cinematic ventures transcend borders and delve into universal themes that resonate with audiences worldwide. Whether it's an intimate portrayal of personal relationships or a stirring exploration of social issues, my films are imbued with authenticity, emotion, and a profound sense of empathy.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of collaborating with an exceptionally talented team of actors, cinematographers, composers, and artists who share my vision for storytelling. Together, we strive to create a cinematic experience that engages the senses, sparks imagination, and evokes a range of emotions.

As you navigate through this page, you will have the opportunity to discover my filmography.

I invite you to explore the various sections, where you will find synopses, trailers, behind-the-scenes, and insights into my creative process.

Your support and engagement mean the world to me, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my passion for filmmaking with you.

Thank you for joining me on this cinematic odyssey, and I hope that my films resonate with your hearts and minds, fostering a deeper understanding of our shared humanity and the power of the seventh art.

Yours sincerely,

Anastasiya Sergienya

Losing hope under the pressure of pursuing a creative dream in New York City, Belarusian emigrant Anna takes desperate measures -all while sugar-coating stories of her life to impress her grandmother back home.

SOYKA poster_MED_English.jpg

In a world captured solely on a film camera, a timeless love story inspired by the biblical creation of the world unfolds, as two souls navigate through trials and tribulations, discovering the profound power of love that transcends time and space.

You & I_Poster_V1_Small.jpg

In 2020 New York, an immigrant from Belarus struggles to balance two failing relationships amidst the burgeoning coronavirus pandemic and political unrest in her home country.

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